Full Name: Wilhelm Richard Wagner Pronunciation: Wahg-ner Era: Late Romantic Years active: 1813-1883 Number of compositions: 113 Number of symphonies: 0 Number of concertos: 0 Number of string quartets: 1 Style: Heavy, slowly unfolding Germanic music; almost all of which is operatic. He pioneered the use of shifting tonality and increased chromaticism in otherwise tonal […]


Full Name: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Pronunciation: Chai-koff-ski Era: Romantic Years active: 1840-1893 Number of compositions: 80 Number of symphonies: 6 Number of concertos: 4 Number of string quartets: 3 Style: Emotions, strings, bangs and booms. Tchaikovsky relished being a composer in the Romantic era. I know stuff by this dude. Thats right you do. Tchaikovskys […]


Full Name: Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky Pronunciation: Stra-vin-ski Era: Modern Years active: 1882-1971 Number of compositions: Lots? Number of symphonies: 3 Number of concertos: 4 Number of string quartets: 0 Style: Stravinsky was one of the first true 20th century composers, not just in date, but in feeling. He didnt jump completely off the tonality wagon […]


Full Name: Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich Pronunciation: Shoss-ta-kovich Era: Modern Years active: 1906-1975 Number of compositions: 147 Number of symphonies: 15 Number of concertos: 6 Number of string quartets: 15 Style: Good old Shosty is my favorite composer. He was constantly under threat from Stalin and his cronies, and his music reflected this, often hiding a […]


Full Name: Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns Pronunciation: Sannt-Sonns Era: Romantic Years active: 1835-1921 Number of compositions: 169 Number of symphonies: 3 Number of concertos: 10 Number of string quartets: 2 Style: Conservative and well-balanced Romantic music. Compared to his contemporaries, Saint-Saëns was a pretty restrained guy. While people like Tchaikovsky and Wagner and Rachmaninoff were stuffing their […]


Full Name: Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev Pronunciation: Prok-off-ee-ev Era: Modern Years active: 1891-1953 Number of compositions: 131 Number of symphonies: 7 Number of concertos: 9 Number of string quartets: 2 Style: Dissonant, schizophrenic and unstable, but playful. Prokofiev’s music perpetually balances between tonality and atonality. He uses dissonance, rapid tempo changes, and sharp contrasts in melody. […]


Full Name:Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart (yeah baby!) Pronunciation: Moats-art Era: Classical Years active: 1756-1791 Number of compositions: 626 Number of symphonies: 41 Number of concertos: 46 Number of string quartets: 23 Style: The epitome of Classical music. Mozarts music is well-balanced, witty and frisky. There isnt much variation in speed or dynamics (the posh […]


Full Name: Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (!) Pronunciation: Men-dull-son Era: Romantic Years active: 1809-1847 Number of compositions: 121 Number of symphonies: 5 Number of concertos: 7 Number of string quartets: 6 Style: Playful, usually cheerful and energetic, but still fairly conservative Romantic music. Although Mendelssohn was definitely a Romantic composer, he perhaps took more […]


Full Name: Gustav Mahler Pronunciation: Maaa-lurr Era: Late Romantic Years active: 1860-1911 Number of compositions: About 20 Number of symphonies: 9.5 (the last is unfinished) Number of concertos: 0 Number of string quartets: 0 Style: Enormous, gloriously expansive symphonies. Mahler did not write many pieces, but he poured everything into the music he composed. Literally […]